About us

Our company "Nunca Jamás Online Store"

Nunca Jamás Online Store was born in February of 2017 in the spirit of being able to give the greatest satisfaction to all the amateur collectors to the main categories and thematic ones of the market.

Under the premise of giving everything for our clients, the legal representative of the company, Iván Martinez De la Fuente, like sponsor, and Rubén Alonso Cebrián, like administrator of the Facebook group "Spanish Bowen & Kotobukiya Collectors", decide one day to get together out this adventure (as an entrepreneur and sponsored) and decide to coordinate to carry out this beautiful initiative.

Our team

Legal Representative: Iván Martinez De la Fuente
Web administrator: Rubén Alonso Cebrián "Latro"


"It's amazing I like everything. But a wolfman have got me, I'm sure I'll have to save to get me to be whatever I want." - Carlos Calero Garces
"Great attention !!!!! Fast shipping, everything comes perfect !!!!!! And they care about the shipping status." - Nieves Lopez Bielsa
"Excellent store for the acquisition of figures of Sideshow, Kotobukiya, etc. where Ivan also provides a difficult treatment to overcome by the rest of stores !! Waiting for the preorder of Koto's vision" - Rubén Alonso Cebrián
"Without having an online store, the deal is impeccable, so when they have it ......" - Miguel Angel Revilla Martino